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Black Gold Fish was launched in 2021 by Peter Gyurian. Peter is a family man, enthusiastic hobby painter and passionate cook. His credo at Black Gold Fish is simple: sustainable, fresh and authentic. Fish is only used from sustainable catches and is certified. The vegetables are regional as far as possible and the products are only prepared fresh and a la minute, which means that there is no food waste!

His cooking career began in 1995. This was followed by many formative years in various restaurants, including "Harvey Nichols" in Dublin, where he discovered a love of detail in 2008. Before that, he successfully completed his studies in hotel management and catering from 2003-2007. As a sushi chef he worked in Hungary, Dublin and Switzerland. The most famous restaurants were: «Leroy Mammut and Sushi», «Fuji Japanese Restaurant», «Yo! Sushi" and "Negishi".

Peter is looking forward to your feedback and above all that he can make your events unforgettable!

Black Gold Fish


“This is a higher level of cooking together! It was an experience in the kitchen to watch Peter prepare the food! "

I. Wisniewska

"The parade was the Sushi Show, I can only recommend it to everyone! I submitted my request for a quote and we got a really personalized experience, thank you!"

Mark Steiner

"The food was delicious, the food I received was just as good as I imagined from the website!

Csaba Márkus


Japanese Inspired Cuisine

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Black Gold Fish